Ahh Summer!

Goats have a way of getting all the attention

Hello! It’s Roja the farm dog here. We have all been very busy on the farm. The days have been long and warm, and there’s always new things to do. Goats have become a part of the farm, but I still think they are silly creatures that make funny sounds and grab attention whenever they can. Oh well. I have been busy hunting, digging and chasing birds. The big ones that sail high in the sky really get to me. It’s as if they think I can’t catch them, but that just makes me run faster and try harder. One of these days, I’ll catch them!

Nothing better than a RIBEYE in JULY!

One of the best things about summer is when my people take a break and grill delicious meat…Ribeye Steaks are are the best! Every Saturday morning, even on the 4th of July, people come to our farm and pick up great tastes for their grill. Check out our farm store for all your July 4th grilling needs, and tell them Roja sent you! And can you pleeeease save just a little taste for me?

Prairie Horizons Farm driveway is high and dry now. Pre-order and pay via our online store. Pick up your order between 9 am and noon on Saturdays!
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