Dog Days of Summer…where did they go?

How have you been? It’s been FOREVER since I’ve written in my dog blog, but now that I’m spending more time on the couch again, I’m remembering all the fun times I had this summer. Of course that “fun” usually involved my brother Cruize. Here’s a video to show you how crazy he is, so you can understand what I put up with and just how hard I have to work to outpace and outsmart him these days…don’t you think I deserve some time on the couch?

Cruize and me playing Queen of the Mountain

Remember those creatures that used to be Cruize’s neighbors? Well guess what, they moved in RIGHT NEXT TO ME. I’ve gotten used to them, and I’d have to say they are not so bad, except for Frank. Frank from Appleton, the one in the picture looking right at the camera. One day he just showed up smelling really franky, and it made all of the creatures act even more weird than they usually act. I think he’s going back to Appleton soon, and that will be just fine with me. Do you know the names of the other creatures? Who is the naughty one standing in the feeder?

I’m thinking how lucky I am to have a home and a couch and some really good eats most of the time, and a family that loves me. Even if the neighbors are different, they are interesting and good company, plus their ‘goatmobile’ home blocks the cold northwest wind for my home. Life is good, and I am as happy as I can be. I hope your home is cozy and warm and filled with love…and lots of good food too!

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