Apple Tasters!

As of mid December, several varieties are keeping well in our root cellar. If you pre-order a gift box from us, just ask if you can sample some apples when you pick up your gift box. We will give you samples in exchange for a simple taste preference evaluation. Joraan’s Orchard was a community effort from the very start and continues to need a community of people to help evaluate experimental fruit varieties.

10 years after the original planting, we are harvesting delicious and intriguing experimental varieties that are at home in Joraan’s Orchard and thriving in our Certified Organic system.

Developing new fruit varieties requires regular evaluation of the plants themselves and the fruits they produce. Many of the traits we evaluate are quite subjective, like taste, texture and appearance.

So, more tasters means more feedback to help us select and propagate the very best apples.

Join us for an apple tasting – just think of it as a little snack for a good cause!

Reminders for 2020 Season

During this time of COVID and social distancing, we want to make sure we’re doing our part to keep our customers (and ourselves) safe and healthy.

When you visit the farm to pick up your beef, garlic, or apples, please remember:

  • You can pick up your orders between 9 am and noon on Saturdays or by appointment
  • We’ll meet you outside the farm store at the “Open” sign with your order. Pay online or with cash or check when picking up your order
  • Masks are required if you need or want to go inside the Farm Store
  • Maintain 6 feet our more of distance please, until the epidemic passes

Your cooperation and patience are appreciated as we do our best to continue serving you!


Welcome to Prairie Horizons Farm!  Here you’ll discover a labor of love as complex and beautiful as the prairie itself and, of course, the highest-quality products grown in harmony with nature.

Prairie Horizons Farm is located in the heart of the beautiful glacial moraine of Western Minnesota, 12 miles north of Benson.  It is home to original tallgrass prairie, restored prairie, diverse grasslands, gardens, orchards, crystal clear ponds and lots of life!

We are committed to serving our community with healthful and delicious foods from Certified Organic gardens, pastures, and Joraan’s Orchard.

Please take your time in exploring our site, including our local product offerings and special blog reports from our farm dog, Roja.  Then come visit the farm in person and experience it all for yourself!  

Visit the farm
Welcome page - Visit the Farm

Experience Prairie Horizons for yourself. Shop in our on-farm store (open seasonally) or join us for an event.

Welcome page - Blog

Keep up with the latest happenings through the eyes of our feisty farmdog, Roja.

Welcome page - Beef order

Shop online and pick up your beef here at Prairie Horizons or the Morris Area Farmers Market



Our mission is to build a farm-based system of healthy food production, processing and distribution that is economically sound, environmentally responsible and beneficial to future generations.

Get to know us and the history of our farm.

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Get in touch with us for current store hours, product offerings or pre-orders.

Hours Saturdays 9 am - noon May through October or by appointment
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