We sell a range of fruits from Joraan’s Orchard in season.  Please call ahead for availability 320-760-8732

  • Nanking cherries
  • Chokecherries
  • Plums: July – August
  • Apricots: July – August
  • Apples: September

Fruits grown in Joraan’s Orchard are Certified Organic and held to the same high standards of sustainability, nutrition and taste as all of the products grown here at Prairie Horizons.

Though every farm used to have an orchard, growing fruit is a long term endeavor
that has been all but replaced in our region with fruit grown thousands of miles away.

Diversity and flavor are often lacking in types of fruit available, leading to less intake of fruits that contain high amounts of phytochemicals and antioxidants essential for disease prevention.


Joraan’s Orchard is named in tribute to Joraan Forbord,
the son of Mary Jo and Luverne.

In 2006, Joraan Forbord began planting fruit trees at Prairie Horizons.  He loved fruit and was a community-minded person with a simple, yet lofty goal:  Grow enough delicious fruits to share with others. He passed away in 2010 at the age of 22, when the orchard he started become his legacy. 

After Joraan’s death in 2010, growing and expanding Joraan’s Orchard became central to our healing – a place for a caring community to gather, connect and support each other.  The Forbords and Prairie Horizons Farm continue to build on Joraan’s legacy of sharing good food and welcoming everyone, while sharpening our focus on supporting Joraan’s generation and the next.

Each spring, we host a free public event to “wake up” the orchard and prepare for the coming season. We hope you will join us a day of community, good food, reflection and celebration.


Our mission is to build a farm-based system of healthy food production, processing and distribution that is economically sound, environmentally responsible and beneficial to future generations.

Hours Saturdays 9 am - noon May through October or by appointment
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