Wieners…done perfectly!

Cooking Prairie Horizons Wieners

Prairie Horizons Wieners are easy to prepare in a number of ways on medium heat.

They are great on an outdoor grill cooked just until they are a bit grill-marked and plump, but not so much that the casing bursts.

They cook so quickly that unless I’m grilling a package or two for a crowd, I use my favorite fast method–a few minutes on a small George Foreman countertop grill. The wieners get plumped up with a little char, and I make sure to remove them from the heat before the casing bursts, as I don’t want to lose the delicious juices and flavor.

Or, you can barely cover the bottom of a stovetop pan with water. Heat until boiling, then add wieners and continue heating until all the water evaporates. At that point gently move the wieners around the pan to add the char, and remove them after they are plump but before the casing bursts.

I hope these tips are helpful in cooking Prairie Horizons wieners to perfection.


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