We enjoy knowing our customers and supplying them with the very best, healthiest, beef possible. Customers tell us they enjoy the delicious taste and security of knowing exactly how their food is produced…with utmost care. Our beef is so delicious that you’d never guess it also has a number of superior nutritional qualities, including more Omega-3 fatty acids, CLAs (conjugated linoleic acid), and fat-soluble vitamins than grainfed beef. We assure you that your beef is:

  • 100% pasture-raised on Certified Organic pastures, helping build healthy soil for future generations
  • Never fed grain, genetically engineered crops or any food grown with pesticides or synthetic fertilizer
  • Free of added hormones and antibiotics
  • Solar powered – less than 1/2 gallon fossil fuel used per beef lifetime
  • Healthy and nutritious – loaded with protein, omega-3 fats, vitamins and minerals


Prairie Horizons cattle are pasture-raised and grass fed from birth to harvest on Certified Organic pastures.  We rotationally graze our cattle, all bred to especially thrive on grass and all born and raised on our farm.  They are extremely healthy and experience minimal stress in their lifetime, as they are always free to graze a variety of nutritious plants and drink fresh water. 

400 acres of Prairie Horizons Farm are planted to diverse mixes of perennial grasses, legumes and forbs, with fencing and water lines built for rotational grazing of Lowline Angus cattle. 

Pastures are then divided into over 120 smaller “paddocks” of approximately 150 feet wide by 350 feet long. Each paddock also has fresh water, supplied by hooking up a portable water tank to outlets served by over 22,000 feet of above ground water lines. 

Instead of having miles and miles of pre-established fencing, which is incredibly expensive and time-consuming to install and maintain, we rely on portable electric fencing to provide flexibility, economy, and complete control of grazing operations. After years of observing his cows and the land, we determined that the optimal balance of cattle to grass about 100 head per acre, per day.  We move the herd to a new pasture every 24 hours – that’s right, every single day!  

With a 24-hour rotation, we are in a sweet spot where the cows graze an even distribution of grasses without overgrazing and hurting the root systems of the plants.” After the 24 hours, the cows move on to the next paddock and will not return until its grass has grown back in full, which can mean several months between visits to the same plot land.


Ordering in bulk is a great value – the more you order, the less you pay per pound. Get together with family, friends or neighbors to save money and share the goodness!Reserve a whole, half or quarter (actually a split half, so each quarter contains identical portions of front and rear quarter beef.

Bulk orders are custom cut and packaged according to your specifications at Starbuck Meats, Starbuck MN 320-239-2228 or Jenniges Meats in Brooten MN 320-346-2414


$3.70 per pound for a whole beef
$3.90 per pound for a half beef
$4.20 per pound for a quarter (split half) beef

Price per pound is based on the butcher’s “hanging weight”, which is the weight of the beef after slaughter before dry ageing, deboning or trimming.

  • Average hanging weight for a whole beef is between 600-650 pounds but varies by individual beef.
  • Additional processing fees of approximately $1/lb are payable to the custom processor/ butcher when you pick up your beef.



Our mission is to build a farm-based system of healthy food production, processing and distribution that is economically sound, environmentally responsible and beneficial to future generations.

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