THAT’S Better!

FINALLY, the sandbox got used! The little people were here and messed it up really good, just like I would have done. They love to dig and figure things out, just like me. I wish I had little people around all the time. It would give me a break from my brother Cruize. He is still a full time job for me to train.

Check out this construction zone! You’d think I’d dug that hole myself!

Little people are definitely the best, but these creatures think they rule the farm now. What’s worse is that they seem to have the fence that proves it. I just stay away. I had a bad experience with that fence, and I’m not going to have another one. My advice when you see a fence like this is DON’T touch it. It can really give you a shocking surprise and hurt for while too if you do. Even the creatures inside the fence know not to touch the fence, so take it from me, fences mean be careful and don’t touch. Now let’s go run and run where there are no fences! See you around the farm!

Your friend Roja, the teenage farm dog

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