Cool New Sandbox…but Where are my Friends?

New Sandbox but where are my friends?

I miss my friends, especially the little people. They like to dig like me, and I think they would really like our new sandbox on the farm. I like it because it is cool, but it needs little people before it will be fun!

The neighbor creatures moved from Cruize’s place to mine.

Something new has happened with these strange creatures who used to live at Cruize’s place. They moved, and now my home is their home. They behave strangely. For one thing, they eat trees! And they love to climb on rocks. Do you know what kind of creatures they are? My people call them by their names. I hear them call “Here Paisley, Patty, Paula, Basil, Tina and Rona!” Then the creatures make loud, funny noises and come running towards my people who give them way too much attention. I haven’t gotten used to these new creatures yet, but I’m trying. I HAVE learned to STAY AWAY from their fence! It’s stronger than it looks.

Fun days with little people are the best!

I think I told you that I love to dig and bury things in the ground to save for later. My nose is usually dirty but I don’t care, I’m having fun! I always have a great time outside, but springtime is the best, and springtime with little people is even better. Are you having fun outside this spring? Please write and tell me about the fun you are having. I’ll write again soon!

Your friend Roja the farm dog

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