All this being inside is getting old

It’s been so long since I’ve written that I hardly know where to begin. My life has changed so much since I became an inside dog. I have my own comfy couch, but I still miss my good old dad Major. Even worse, my people are REALLY into their screens, now more than ever. I just hope they remember to go outside. There’s SO MUCH IS HAPPENING OUTSIDE! I want to go out…because it’s SPRING OUT THERE!

Things are never boring outside. Cruize and I are busy all day long with work and fun all over the farm. We have lots to do with so many sights and smells to check out.

It is very tiring to be the older sister because I have to teach my younger brother Cruize EVERYTHING. I am SO tired at the end of the day that I sleep and sleep. If I’m not sleeping, I want to be smelling, chasing, tasting, running, rolling, digging, playing and exploring!

How about you?

You wouldn’t believe what Cruize likes to do—SWIM IN ICE COLD WATER! I like to swim, but I like the ice to be melted first!

Not only that, but Cruize likes to FETCH STICKS. My humans think it’s SO CUTE. They throw a stick in the water and he makes the biggest splashes he can running right out into the ice cold water just to fetch a stick. It’s very puppy-ish I’d say, but he is still a puppy yet I guess. I’ll just have to keep sleeping when I can so I can keep running faster than he does so that I can teach him everything. Maybe, just maybe, he will grow up to be a big, smart teenage dog like me someday!

What are you doing these days? Have you seen any signs of Spring? Write soon and let me know, OK?

Your friend Roja, the teenage farm dog

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1 thought on “All this being inside is getting old

  1. janet Lundebrek April 10, 2020 — 7:28 pm

    Love It. Your labs have always been super dogs. Must be the Masters!!!!

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