Major Ron

I told you about my dad Major. He is my hero. He has a middle name–Ron. Uncle Jingles named my dad Major Ron after Uncle Jaybird, who was his hero. That was a very long time ago. Major was old and tired and started feeling sick. Now Major has died. It’s very sad for our dog and human family. I can’t stop thinking about my dad and all that we did together. I miss him and will always remember everything he taught me.

My dad Major and me doing one of our favorite things together

Hey, did you know that I have a middle name too? It is M. I am Roja M, named after my dad. If you spell my name backwards, there’s my dad’s name!

My brother Cruize and me

Uncle Jingles brought my brother Cruize over to play and that helped me to feel better. Cruize is only 9 years old (in dog years, remember?) and I am a teenager. Now it’s up to me to teach Cruize everything our Dad taught me. Cruize can be a pain, but we love to play and play and PLAY in the snow together!

Me and my family heading home after a fun time playing outside

I was starting to feel a little lonely again, but then the most wonderful thing happened! The little humans came! And guess what? THEY like to play in the snow too! We played and played until we were all very tired. Then we went inside and had a good supper. We fell asleep and had good dreams. I hope you are enjoying each day too!

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