Watch Dog

I love to watch. My eyes are really good, and I have a very fine nose! I have 225 MILLION little ways to smell in there!

Smells outside are so invigorating for me. I want to run and run after smells until I “surprise!” a smelly creature, but my humans say no.

No, no, no. Story of my life. My dog Dad Major just got done teaching me everything I need to know about being a Watch Dog, and now my humans start telling me no. If they could smell like me, see like me, they would understand…I know what I am doing out here!

My Dad Major sleeps a lot inside these days, so I mostly just lay close to him. I make sure he looks good by licking his paws and teeth and eyes, and I think it helps him feel better too. I know he loves me, and I love him.

When I have to be inside, I like to play with my bunny, at least until the ‘blizzard’ (whatever that is) ends and my humans go outside with me again. Can we go now, pleeeeeaaaase???

I’ll write to you again soon.

Roja M. Forbord

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