A Dog’s Life

I didn’t think I would miss my dog dad Major this much. I look for him before we go skiing and follow his scents around the farm. They are still here, but he’s not. That makes everything pretty different for me. I am Roja, and I am the oldest.

It can be lonely being the oldest dog. I’ll be 14 next month. My little brother Cruize thinks he’s bigger and faster than me–ha! He has a lot to learn. He hangs on my neck fur just like I used to hang on Major’s neck fur. It drove my dad crazy, and now I know why.

Hey! Guess what? I just got back from my first overnight road trip. My humans say farm dogs don’t take road trips, at least not this farm’s farm dogs, but obviously I am special. We stayed in a hotel and there were so many different smells and noises and people that I didn’t know what to think. It was sort of overwhelming. I think the open prairie is for me, and that means playing in the prairie snow…so let’s go!

I’ll write again soon! It would be super fun if you would write to me too.

Your friend,

Roja the teenage farm dog

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3 thoughts on “A Dog’s Life

  1. prairiegranddaughters February 10, 2020 — 8:44 pm

    I loved the long message. My mom helped me get this app. I’m at the ER I had some pain in my tummy. We’ve been waiting for an hour and a half. They took pictures on my tummy. See you soon. Ellery. 👧🏼Valentine’s Day is soon. ❤️


    1. Dear Miss E,

      I am so sad to hear that your tummy hurts! I know how bad that can feel. I hope you get better soon! Thank you for writing to me. You are my first human pen pal! I don’t have any dog pen pals ’cause it’s so hard for dogs to write, even harder than for humans, so I have them help me write my blog. Humans and dogs help each other out a lot you know. I’ve heard we are often best friends, so that is pretty cool!

      I will write again soon, and I hope you will write back too!

      Your friend Roja, the teenage farm dog


    2. Dear Miss E,

      TODAY is Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day! I love Valentine’s Day. I am thinking of you and Miss Double V and Miss InJo…you are my favorites. I love you! I’d like to send you some of those cool hearts like you sent to me in your letter, but I don’t know how to make them. Maybe you can show me how to do that when you come to visit. Happy Valentine’s Day to your WHOLE FAMILY!

      Love from Roja M Forbord, teenage farm dog, Grandma Jo and Papa Loo


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