Sadness and Joy

Hello friends, It turns out that I broke two bones in my toe when I got too close to the HEAVY wheel of a pickup truck. I have plenty of time to think about how I’ll stay safe after this as I’m wearing a clumsy splint on my leg. It doesn’t hurt anymore and the dog doc says I’ll be back to running as good as ever in a few weeks. Look out Cruize! I’m still in charge and all be back.

We’ve had a lot of kids lately. Goat kids. They are very hoppy and a lot of work. It’s been mostly fun, but my humans are always hovering over them, making sure they are warm, safe, dry and fed. I remember when that much fuss was made over me…everyone loves a puppy, right? I’m mostly happy to have more kids to watch over, but PLEASE everyone, make sure you give your working farm dog, or any dog for that matter, all the love and attention they deserve.

Princess Rona 2020

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Princess Rona. She got out of her pasture and ate too much green grass. That can be very bad for goats, and even though my humans and the goat doc tried and tried to help her heal, Rona died. She was our Princess. She had a baby goat named Cami, and now Cami is our little Princess. She misses her mom, but she has a Grandma Goat who shows her what to do and not to do and she has fun playing with a dozen other kids. A dozen! Next time I write I’ll introduce you to those kids and let you know all I’ve been doing on the farm, hopefully on all four legs soon.

I hope you are all doing fine, staying safe and having fun!

Your friend,

Roja the Farm Dog

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