Ouch! and Goats

It’s a rainy day and I’m on the couch again, so I thought I’d drop a line and tell you the news. I had an accident and my foot got hurt. I was running and barking and jumping alongside the farm truck when my back foot suddenly slipped under the tire. Owie, Owie, Ouch! I’m not supposed to run close to the truck, but I was having fun and didn’t think this could happen. Now I’m resting and healing and feeling very sad that I can’t run free for awhile. When I get back on my own four feet, I’m going to be extra careful around moving things with big heavy tires. I hope you will be careful too, OK?

More news: I’ve told you about my neighbors, the goats. Well guess what? One day I was home by myself just watching over the place when I heard a very strange noise. It was sort of a squeaky squeal, and then another, and another! I checked the goat pen, and there were these three furry little long eared rabbit-like things in the pen next to one of the big goats…so now what am I supposed to do? Being a responsible guard dog is one thing, but this was very, very strange. I thought I should tell someone, but I was home alone. I thought I should have a closer look/smell, but I’ve learned that big goats can be very rude if they think I’m getting into their business. So I did what I always do: I stood guard, and stood guard, and FINALLY my human family came home. They were as surprised as me!

From there it turned into a week of surprises. I learned that they call those squeaky squealy things baby goat kids, and now we have a dozen of them! What is a guard dog like me going to do but get used to goat kids too? You guessed it, a farm dog’s work is never done. I will tell you that I don’t think goat kids are nearly as cute as everyone around here seems to think. What do you think?

I’m going to sleep now so I can heal and get back to doing all the fun things I dream about doing while I’m laid up on the couch. It’s a busy spring and summer season ahead on the farm with many things to do, investigate and protect. I hope you are having fun, feeling fine and running free!

Your friend,

Roja the farm dog

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