USDA Certified 100% Grassfed beef from Certified Organic pastures,
Certified Organic fruits, vegetables and hazelnuts, wild-gathered prairie teas, and more

Our on-farm store is open from May through October.  Grass-fed beef is available year-round by appointment.  Please call to confirm your visit (320) 760-8732

Prairie Horizons Farm products are also available at the Morris Area Farmers Market between June and September.  The market re-opens June 18, 2020.


produce & teas

Now Accepting 2020 Beef Pre-Orders

A great value!

The more you order, the less you pay per pound.
Get together with family, friends or neighbors to save money and share the goodness!

Contact us for information or to reserve your full, half, quarter or eight or a cow today.


Our mission is to build a farm-based system of healthy food production, processing and distribution that is economically sound, environmentally responsible and beneficial to future generations.

Location 31008 State Hwy 29 Benson Minnesota Hours Saturdays 9 am - noon May through October or by appointment
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